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Zoom events coming up... USA and Australia

Hey everyone, what a wild year. Change is here and more is coming beyond 2020. God is inviting us into the greatest adventure the world has seen. The age of awe, wonder and harvest. Things are not going to continue the same. It's time to ascend and transcend.

The first event is ACCESS UNLIMITED. This is an annual gathering which is a lot of fun but also presses the limits to go further and higher. This year I'm with Paul Keith Davis, one of my favourite people and a father Prophet to our generation. This event is hosted by the inspirational John and Ruth Filler, a couple who always seem to be on the cutting edge.

The second event will be totally different than anything else online! In October we have the grassroots wild fire Ozzies hosting HOLY SHIFT a convergence of many voices running together. Some of my favourite people in the world! These guys are heroes. I'm so excited at what's happening down under. Truly this is a nation called to pioneer the future.

Full registration details will be out soon - so save the date. I'm especially excited to hear Rebekah, David and others share. Many voices together. I can't wait for this weekend. Join in. Get to know the Ozzie people. They are the best bunch. Together we are stronger.

Standing with you to create a better world! Cheers Justin Paul Abraham

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