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Upcoming JANUARY Events! Party Hardy!

Hey guys 2022 is here and our message is simple - get whacked - stay whacked!! Haha!

If you're looking for some encouragement, community and provocation sign up for some of the upcoming events - Terraforming 2022, Creative Space and Beyond Human Zoom. Check it out -

For details of this event and registration visit - Dr O is one of a kind!

Next up - Creative Space monthly gatherings -

This is an exceptional community. Artists, poets, musicians, mystics. It's a really blissful space to explore the Flow of the Trinity in a thousands million dreams! The info for the zoom is on the flyer. It's FREE. Just log in 7pm GMT 25th January.

Next up - our BEYOND HUMAN monthly zoom. This is exclusively for our Patreon and Tribe community. We are working through the book. This month we're talking Dimensional Shifts.

You can sign up for as little as $1 a month (and cancel anytime). Not only do you get to join the zoom, you get extra videos and news updates. We recently finished a three part series on "Life Beyond the Grave". All the videos are there to watch if you sign up -

Let's run into 2022 with passion, joy, and party with our angelic friends!! Whoop whoop!


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