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Tony Cooke *NEW Dream School

Tony Cooke is a much respected friend full of love, humour and passion! Having worked with STREAMS and John Paul Jackson for many years, Tony is highly trained in DREAM interpretation methods. He has just launched a *NEW online course to make this simple! Check it out:

“I have a dream…..” those famous words….and I too have a dream! My dream is that the Church is trained and empowered to interpret and understand the revelation that is ‘hidden’ by Jesus in the dreams which come from heaven virtually every night to every believer. Hey, dreams are even Biblical! That’s why I have just launched:

For a couple of years, I have had a growing passion to release an online, affordable dreams training school aimed primarily at the fast ‘developing’ world, such as India, Asia, Africa and South America etc. I consider any believer that has access to an internet connection and even a smattering of english should be able to learn how to interpret the dreams God sends to us during sleep.

I have priced my school (at just £15 – you see it really is NOT about making money!) affordably for anyone who is hungry to learn because my heart’s desire it to get this Biblically based interpretation model, first developed by the late John Paul Jackson, out into the hands of as many believers as possible.

We all have heard that many Muslims come to faith in Jesus Christ through dreams, but there is SO much more ‘hidden’ in these parables of the night. Our spiritual and emotional self-condition; revelation on what is to come, healing and deliverance to name only a few other blessings which can be found in our dreams. That is before we even consider dreams as a means of outreach, especially to those from the spiritual seeker communities (often called New Agers); the list goes on and on……

This is a genuine offer: just £15 for permanent access to their own online dreams classroom. It’s not a PhD in dreams, it’s an unashamedly entry level, easy-to-learn introduction to dreams, BUT if they complete the school (and it’s not difficult to do so) they will be able to interpret dreams for themselves and for other people and if they practise they could become really good at it. I sincerely believe it’s time the Church was empowered to interpret dreams and expand the Kingdom here on earth.

Thank you if you got this far, may God bless you!

Tony Cooke

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