South Africa Tour – Justin Paul Abraham

Hey guys!! Hope all is well with you.

Amazing things are happening all over the world. We are connecting to people just like you, who are hungry, learning to engage heaven, in the Spirit and are expanding into new ways of thinking and seeing. We are in profound times of change and it’s only going to get more glorious!

I’m writing this in South Africa, and just wanted to let you guys know what we’re doing over here and to thank all our family who make this possible – COBH Ltd partners and also Patreon friends. You are the secret army behind COBH. I can never thank Papa enough for you guys. You are touching the Abraham family, the nations and making a massive difference to so many. We love you! BLISS you!

Here’s some of the schedule –

Very blissed to be with the infamous Hebrew theologian DR. O and the wonderful Kevin Hall (Savantage) – who organised the SA trip. Going to be an interesting, stretching, fun time!!

Please hold Rachel and the kids in your heart. They are so supportive of what we are doing.

Keep in touch. Speak soon JPA

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