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Significant night time vision | November 2020

On the 6th November, I had a powerful supernatural vision in my sleep. I feel honoured and humbled by this. It is rare to have a powerful vision in this way. It means the message is vitally important.

In the vision in the night, I saw a huge rock fall from the Heavens and smash into the USA with a sonic boom. The boom woke me up. I knew in the vision the Rock is Christ himself. I saw the power and glory of Christ. Incredible dominion. Regardless of what the news says, who is elected (Joe Biden or Donald Trump), or what happens next, the Rock is powerful beyond any human measure. His kingdom will stand.

The following day I had a line from Psalm 20 echo in the chambers of my heart over and over... "some trust in Chariots, some trust in Horsemen, but I will trust in the Lord my God". Ultimate victory doesn’t come from the earth, it comes from Above, from the Kingdom of YHVH. Here’s a part of the Psalm - it’s crammed full of joy & hope!

There are incredible days ahead. We are full of faith and confidence. As Graham Cooke once said "The cross has condemned us to victory!" Love Wins.

Standing with you to create a better world. JPA

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