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Sacred Ecstasy - NOW available as audio podcast

Hey guys, we've had a massive response to the NEW Youtube Series: Sacred Ecstasy. Talking about KAINOS worship with Alberto Rivera, Janine John and Elisabeth Cooper.

Many of you asked for the audio version for your smart phones. We have listened and today we posted the audio file on Podomatic. You can now download it from your podcast channel of choice - Spotify, Apple or Google. Or get it from Podomatic directly. Here's the link:

If you prefer video - you can catch it on JANINE JOHN WORSHIP channel:

Thank you everyone who partners with us. You have been a massive support, especially during the lockdown season where travel is limited.

Also loving the community developing on Patreon. We're going through the Beyond Human book each month live and it's so much fun. Check it out here -

You guys rock our world! Thank you!

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