Relocate has landed! Whoo whoo!

Happy NEWS! Oh yeah! 

JANINE JOHN BAND album is live!

Miracle of miracles the team have landed it in time for Christmas!

That’s dedication right there! Epic!

In our house it’s been playing around the clock. It’s catchy, unique and full of energy and life. Fresh ascending rhythms from TRIBE and COBH gatherings. 

Thank you to everyone who supported the CrowdFunder project. Together with Janine you made it happen.

Special thanks to Paul West the producer @ Awesome Source Music. That man is a genius. Seriously!

Thanks also to the whole Band for hard work over the last months: Rob Townley. Rachel Abraham. James Wright. Phil Grady. Non Fielder-Hobbs. Joe Martin. 

RELOCATE is LIVE now on iTunes, Spotify and directly from the COBH store.

We believe prophetically a fresh edge is coming back onto worship with a wave of power and presence. Many voices. I heard the words “SURGE”. It is going to shape the years to come and touch countless lives.

Return of Ecstatic Worship: Fresh wave of Grace

If you’re loving this vibe -don’t forget to sign up for LOVEFEST. This year we have Suzy and Kamran Yaraei, Godfrey Birtill and many others converging in Cardiff. Two days of whoo whoo whoo!! Start 2019 off with a bang!

Happy holidays! COBH team