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NEWS - Upcoming COBH events

Hello everyone! We hope you're enjoying the beauty of everyday. Now is wonderful! This world is crowded with God, He's everywhere! Whoop whoop!

We have missed you all during the lockdowns, so we're really excited to have our first in-person event coming up later this year in WALES UK. It's called Joy-Fest because we just want to have fun, hang out, ascend and feast! It's going to be amazing to see you all again. With ourselves, the inspirational Liz Wright, the musical genius Godfrey B and the mystical Janine John we are going to party!

If you're interested in coming to the UK for this one, here's the info -

You can register online here - - it's filling up fast so don't leave this too late. People are ready to party!!

*NOTE - This event is not a live-stream event. It's a real face-to-face let's all get whacked in person event! Haha! Hug-Fest!

OTHER NEWS - we have our first ever RUSSIAN online event coming up too. I've had prophetic words about Russia since I was in my early twenties but this is the first time I will actually speak to a Russian group with translation. Really we can't wait for this. If you know any Russian people let them know about it. It's July 15-17 with myself and Nancy Coen!

Here's the registration page -

Finally, if you want to join our monthly LIVE ZOOM don't forget we have our next one coming up at the end of the month. This is a beautiful time together. We meditate, engage Yahweh and often have story/ question times. It's beautiful.

The topic this month is engaging Creation as KAINOS beings. Adam and Eve were called to 'replenish the land' and 'expand Eden'. Creation is waiting for us to bring freedom, life and healing. That's animals, plants, planets and more! Amazing!!

Okay, that's all for now. We LOVE you. You are AMAZING!

Blessings JPA

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