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NEWS Bulletin - Why Prophetic Words Fail

Hey friends,

I love the prophetic. In this new article I talk about some of the ways we can miss it when we prophesy, how to learn from it, and some keys to increase clarity. Hope you enjoy it.

I want to show that there are many simple factors involved. If we learn the lessons together we can improve and we will do better. It's a journey. There is no condemnation for anyone. Plenty of grace and love for all. We love prophecy!

I'm going to keep this succinct – if this subject interests you read on... here we go!

Why do words fail? -

Reason One -

[ The word was accurate – but we didn't fulfil the conditions to make it happen ]

God has many dreams for each of us. Priceless and unique dreams for each stage of our lives. Some of these dreams are simple to step into. Especially in the early stages of growth. Others are much more challenging and costly. The higher the calling the greater the cost we must pay. Prophecy is conditional on us responding.

Big words require big change. Our behaviour has to align with the word. Our speech has to align with the word. Our character has to mature. When Heaven sees the pattern that matches the dream, it can land fully upon us and manifest the new reality.

David is a great example. David as young man lived in worship looking after the sheep. He fought bears and lions to protect them. He learned to trust and act. This qualified him to become King, kick start national worship, fight national wars and look after millions of people. His lifestyle enabled the manifestation to come.

As Paul said "Christ was revealed in me" and then he was able to preach fully the Gospel. Something had to happen inside – to create the outside reality.

The scriptures are also full of examples of people who didn't align with their destiny. King Saul being one of them. He had great promise and potential but he was cut short due to presumption and pride. The higher we go in authority the more humble we must become. Moses was the humblest man in his day, and this qualified him to lead for 40 years. The lower we go the higher we fly. This is the law of the Spirit. It's a challenge for each of us. The greatest must be the servant of all. The door is in the floor. Yet even Moses did not enter the Promised Land and see the fullness due to an act of disobedience. The higher the call, the tighter we must align to the will of Heaven.

Prophecy is conditional on our participation at each step. We have to obey the Heavenly Plan for our lives. We are powerful and able to reject the plan or accept it.

The key to fulfilling the word is walking daily entangled into YHVH. Asking Holy Spirit to reveal the way. Walking arm in arm with Him. Holy Spirit is your Guide and He will show you what to do and how to do it. You are in safe hands. Stay close to Him.

Why words fail - Reason Two

[ The issue becomes an IDOL in our hearts and distorts the words ]

This is one of the biggest reasons prophet words fail. If an issue (or dream) is too important to us, it will distort our sight. It will block us seeing YHVH clearly. This distorts the gentle voice and fills our vision. We hear what we want to hear. We get what we expect.

This is very common. Especially words on who to marry, babies, health, houses, business and wealth. The idol can be so powerful, even people around you will confirm the word. They will feel it, sense it and see it too. They will read your desire. They will think it is the Lord and speak it out. They reflect back to you like a mirror.

Amazingly this issue is recorded in Scripture. God actually gives a prophetic word to the elders based on their idols rather than the Truth. It is recorded in Ezekiel 14:4. "I myself, Adonai, will answer him in a manner suited to his many idols". Ouch! That's bad.