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New YouTube video - Body Bliss!

Hello dear friends. This session is very nourishing, intimate and exciting. We're talking about the effects union can have on your body, some of the incredible stories from the Saints and our own experience. I'm hoping you will let go and slide into the deep waters of Papa Love! This session was part of the International Mentoring Community (IMC) with Liz Wright. We highly recommend this group. They have weekly sessions online with a culture of honour, acceptance and grace, with a focus on Jesus. They celebrate mysticism. It's really pure. Check Liz out at

We made this available to our Patreon team but wanted to share it with you. If you're interested in getting more content for us we are running a Beyond Human monthly zoom and posting additional videos here -

Don't you just love Yeshua! We never stop getting intoxicated by the outrageous grace of the Divine. We are all included in the Great Dance through space and time - and it's amazing!

We are IN! Cheers!

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