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*NEW Youtube/ and Audio Podcast out today

Hey COBH friends, hope you are all well and enjoying life. Now is a beautiful moment!

Our dear friends Nancy and Shannon have kindly agreed for me to post this conversation from the Global Ascension Network live monthly webinar. It's a stretching topic, full of mystery but also hope.

We're talking about pushing lifespans, de-aging and even immortality. It's a hot topic for our time. Jesus came that we might have LIFE. Nancy is someone who has incredible stories from travelling the world. She is a real forerunner of limitless life. It was an honour to be on this webinar.

We have also posted it as an AUDIO Podcast on our Podomatic channel, Apple, Google and Spotify so you can download it on your phone to enjoy on the road.

We are a KAINOS race and we dare to dream impossible dreams! We can't hold back. Our Divine DNA demands we grow. In fact all creation is groaning for this to happen.

Again, I know I say this often, but we are BLOWN AWAY by our partner and patreon support. You've also helped us during lockdown and also enabled us to give away more than any previous year of COBH, helping support people and joy projects. You guys are heroes!

Post your comments down below. Love to hear if this session resonates. Speak soon.

Cheers COBH

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