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NEW video - Visitation of Zadkiel + LOVE

Hello friends,

We are pursuing Papa's dream of a better world.

It's amazing how much is changing. People are growing and connecting across the globe. Ascending and innovating. We really are seeing probably the greatest shift since the early church. One of those shifts is away from the judgemental hard church culture into an age of loving kindness, with powerful people running together, united in diversity, living in values of honour and grace. In this new video, recorded in Australia, at HOLY SHIFT, we share on part of the BLUEPRINT for the future - the LOVE government. We are moving into the next age. I also discuss a powerful life changing visitation from the Angel ZADKIEL. He came with the WINDS of CHANGE. Things are going to be different. We cannot hold onto the negativity and gloom of the past age. This is the era of LIGHT.

Thank you for being a part of our Tribe, family and friends. Much Love JPA

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