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*NEW Video - Mysterion and Inner Bliss

Hello dear friends!!

The Turkey is getting fat and so are we, as we feast and celebrate this season of joy!

We hope you're all doing really well and getting excited for the Christmas celebrations!

Today we're posing a brand new video from the recent MYSTERION online event, hosted by our dear Australian friends. This time together was a blast and we went deep deep deep into the limitless expanded life in Christ. In this session, I talk about how we access Mysterion (the mystical, the secrets) through engaging very gently the inner Presence like a bee on a flower. It's very enjoyable and I hope you get whacked watching!! Haha!

If you'd like to purchase the whole event contact our host Becky on You will also get to listen to Fiorellan Giordano, a new emerging voice to this mystical generation, she blows the grid! Thanks for supporting us guys. Loving this wild adventure with you! Speak soon.

Much love JPA

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