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New Video - Justin Paul and TruthSeekah

Hey friends,

I'm writing this in the lovely summer sun outside in our garden. Don't you just love the summer!! The UK is having some beautiful weather right now. Bring it on!! Yes please! Yesterday I spoke on the TruthSeekah podcast. The host TruthSeekah (real name Derek) is a lovely man. He has a show that helps new ages, seekers and hungry spiritual people find union with Jesus. He has a heart for people to be restored and to discover their authentic self in Christ. Often talking about controversial topics. Here's the conversation. Hope you enjoy it -

Also (in case you missed this) we put out a new Podcast - Mastery of Creation. It's part of our BEYOND HUMAN live zoom series. Honestly, we've had a massive response to this one, with some people listening to it several times. I think this message is really precious and dear to Papa's heart. It's available on Spotify, Podomatic, Google, Apple, most places where you find music.

It's also online as a video, if you prefer watching us speak -

Thanks for your friendship and support. We've been doing COBH for 12 years and it really feels amazing seeing such a big community form around the world.We're nearing 30k subscriber on Youtube. Many of you support us on Patreon and we can't thank you enough! God is mega-good to us!! Whoop whoop! Speak soon!

Cheers Justin Paul

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