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*NEW VIDEO - also CLOUD RIDERS gathering

Hello hello hello! How's things?!

Just a short NEWS update. NEW video online today SECRET of the STAIRS.

Hope you enjoy it. You may have more questions after listening. That's really great. Just explore with Yahweh. Holy Spirit will teach you. He will guide you into all Truth! Also we've reposted the Cloud of Witnesses joy session! This is a lot of fun!

Finally! Just letting ya know we're hosting a FREE mentoring weekend in Wales, this coming FRIDAY and SATURDAY if you're in the UK. The theme this weekend is CLOUD RIDERS.

There is easy PARKING across the river and in the town. Lots of places to eat and hang out. Last month was really awesome and we're excited to see what Holy Spirit does this week! Any questions? Email us at Don't forget you can also get extra content and support us on PATREON. We also do live monthly zoom events. Cheers!

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