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NEW Podcast - The Celestial Conflict

Intoxicate your heart and awaken your joy! Listen to the latest Beyond Human zoom - The Celestial Conflict. In this expansive session we plunge into the tricky, the weird, the wild topic of spiritual conflict! Yes, we're covering it from a joy filled KAINOS perspective! How do we see challenges through the lens of the new creation? What do we think about the end times? Can we co-create the future? Without holding back, we go deep in this one!

This is really nourishing heart teaching. Many have said it was the best teaching session we've done yet on our Beyond Human series. I hope you also enjoy it and get awakened to who you really are, and what you can do. You are powerful! You are the Ecclesia of Yahweh!

Here's the PODOMATIC website link -

You can also listen to this on other Podcast apps and channels. I like to use Apple, but we're also on Google, Spotify and all main podcast platforms! We're multi-locating ha! If you'd like to join our next live call (with Q+A time), you can sign up to our Patreon family. Not only does this help support us and our community, events and joy-projects, it also allows you to find others like you, and watch additional videos and send in your burning questions! It starts at only $1 (or however much you want to pay) a month and you can cancel anytime! Brilliant! Here's the link -

Next date is August 28th. The topic continues with Engaging Powers! Whoop whoop!

Speak soon dear friends!

You are LOVED!

Cheers Justin Paul

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