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*NEW Podcast out today - Justin Paul and Mike Parsons

Hello Friends!

We just posted a NEW free Podcast of our recent DIMENSIONAL SHIFTS zoom!

Are you ready for more? This is another beautiful KAINOS conversation. This is our ongoing monthly Beyond Human talk on Patreon. Joining us this month is the incredible MIKE PARSONS (Freedom Arc) as we discuss our new life in Christ, limitless Love and Grace!

Also includes a Q+A time with our zoom Patreon supporters.

*NOTE you can catch this show on Apple iTunes, Google, Spotify and all main Podcast channels. You can download it and keep it on our phone, iPad or computer to listen again and again.

*If you'd like to join the LIVE calls and access to the past sessions, sign up to Patreon - for as little as $1 a month you can be a part of this and support our ministry, joy projects and media channels at the same time. Amazing!

Hope you enjoy this Podcast as much as we have! Cheers!

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