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*NEW Podcast out today - Face of the Deep

*NEW Podcast LIVE NOW - Face of the Deep

Hey guys - we may be in another Lockdown in the UK - but our Spirits are soaring! 

CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW PODCAST This is a joy filled session with my dear friends John and Ruth Filler at ACCESS UNLIMITED 2020. Honestly, we had a blast together. The Q+A time was also special. If you want the full

series of AU 2020 (including Paul Keith and Amy Davis) then visit

*Don't forget you can get the Podcasts direct from Apple, Spotify and Google onto your smart phone/ device. This is the simplest way to get the latest sessions.

Big shout out to our expanding Patreon support team. You guys rock! Our Tribe!

Stay in the Bliss! Cheers JPA

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