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NEW Podcast out now: LOVE Culture

Hey guys, thanks for the epic response to yesterday's Youtube Video. The old hard way is over. It doesn't work. It never worked. Papa God is raising a family built on LOVE. A Government of Love. This is the future! Love wins! If you enjoyed yesterday's Youtube video you can now NOW ALSO download this vital message for your phone or media player as a PODCAST. Check it out:

Don't forget even though we are hosted by Podomatic, you can also find us on Apple, Google, Spotify and all major Podcast players for FREE. Chose the channel you enjoy the most and download it from your apps.

*NEWS - we are starting a MONTHLY ZOOM on our Patreon website. The first session is this SATURDAY. Sign up on Patreon and join the party! You can sign up for as little as $1 a month. Fun fun fun!! Here's the link -

Stay blissed! 2021 might be challenging but inside is full of sweetness. Live from within in your Divine union with the Trinity. This is the secret place of endless joy. Christ in you! Cheers JPA

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