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*NEW Podcast out now - KAINOS Energy of Paul

Hello friends and family! Hope you're all keeping well. It's summer time in the UK and we're happy happy happy to see the sunshine! How are things with you?

Are you ready for more? Another Podcast is out today recorded at our last live monthly ZOOM on Patreon. We're exploring the Beyond Human book each month.

This time we're exploring the ecstatic Gospel of Paul. We're looking specifically at the ENERGY of the Gospel. How Paul was a Beyond Human man, immune to death (stoning, snake bite, lashes & shipwreck), working at night and preach all day, healing the sick, he even healed a whole island (Malta), even the clothes he touched carried healing power. He truly pushed beyond all limitations.

You can find the Podcast here -

Or just go to Apple, Google or Spotify and find us there. We're everywhere! Whoop whoop!

Big shout out to our Patreon team that make this possible. You guys are the secret heroes behind us cheering us on. We will never forget what you have done for us.

*OTHER news - we're BACK this SEPTEMBER for our first post-lockdown event! It's been sooooo long since we saw you all. Can't wait! With the beautiful Liz Wright, legendary artist Godfrey B, Janine John and myself (Justin Paul) speaking this will be fun a weekend.

Come join us in Wales as we reconnect, party and feast on the Happy Gospel!

Any questions about this event? Drop us an email -


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