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Updated: Sep 25, 2019

We have a dynamic interwoven relationship with Heavenly Beings. This is how God designed his Kingdom to function. Throughout history Angels have played a key role in human history. They still appear today.

Join Justin Paul Abraham at the Beyond Human Intensive 2 in Horsham England, as he shares on the value of Angels, how they’ve moved in his life, and in the life of other ministries. You will love this session! Click here to listen.

Want more? Then visit to buy the video/ audio for the whole BEYOND HUMAN 2 conference. This is FRESH and stretching! Hear/ see about the era we’re living in – the time of GREAT CHANGE. Grasp the future with both hands!

Thank you again to our COBH partners for making this FREE Podcast possible. We treasure you! You are the secret army pushing us forward with joy! Giving us space to pray, create and reach out to the world. AMAZING! 

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