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Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Are you ready to be stretched, inspired and challenged? Then check out the latest Podcast by Justin Paul recorded in PERTH Australia. It’s called CARDIO-GNOSIS!

What is Cardio-Gnosis? It’s an old Christian word for Discernment or Telepathy – Knowing the true motives, thoughts and intent of the Heart. But it’s more than that. It’s a form of expanding your spirit to sense and feel the environment around you – angels, saints, demonic spirits, governmental structures, buildings, nature. It is a natural part of being a new KAINOS creation and part of the Blueprint of being just like Jesus. It is our Future.

In this session Justin Paul shares personal examples of the dynamic of Cardio-Gnosis, the science and the activation. This is real gold and it comes from over a decade of Justin Paul pursing spiritual wisdom and understanding.

We hope you enjoy this and get activated and inspired to live a bigger life. 

THANK you to our dear partner family who sow each month into us. We love you and honour you. Truly you are the hidden heroes of COBH. Big hugs go out to you all. Amazing! 

If you want more teaching on this subject and others, don’t forget the BEYOND HUMAN book. It cover Telepathy, Remote Sight, Infused Knowledge and much, much more. It’s available on AMAZON or directly from our STORE.

Dream BIG, love COBH 

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