• justin paul abraham

*NEW Podcast - Encompassed by the Cloud

This is a funny, moving and faith expanding session. Join Justin Paul Abraham as he continues to preach the Happy Gospel of the KAINOS new creation. We are surrounded by the Cloud of Saints. Recorded in IDAHO with John and Ruth Filler (GatewayInt). Listen on iTUNES here Listen on SPOTIFY here Listen on PODOMATIC here Or just download it to your computer.

The blissed music at the end is RELOCATE album by Janine John Band, available on iTunes, Spotify or at the COBH web store. It is an epic CD! Go get it!

BIG shout out to our PARTNERS and PATREON friends. You guys are the REAL DEAL! Thanks for getting involved, backing us, being a part of the family. Massive respect to you all!

If you'd like to support us - join the team at - there you will find extra video teachings session and at the same time you can be a part of what we do. Cheers!

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