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*NEW Podcast - ANGELS | Beyond Human

Hey guys,

Love ya all! So much glory on this sweet family.

We had such a blast with you this month on the PATREON zoom. Wasn't it so much fun!

I love the topic so much I decided we had to share it with a wider audience. So we've put the edited version out there on Youtube and also Podomatic. You can now share it with your friends for free (if they can handle it!).

Here's the links -



It will also be on Apple, Google and Spotify and all main Podcast channels.

Exciting times. We're getting a ton of feedback. Thanks for sharing the amazing angel stories. I'd love to hear more. Keep them coming!

BIG thanks again for being with us. Seriously, you don't know how much of a difference you make to us at COBH. We love you guys!

Speak soon. Cheers JPA

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