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*NEW COBH logo

Hey guys, we’ve been working to create a new logo for COBH. After lots of designs using a burning hearts, we slowly evolved the idea into something a lot more blissful and with deeper meaning. I want to show you the new logo and tell you what it means. Here goes:

Inside the middle is the CELTIC symbol of the TRINITY.

Everything we are flows from this energy and flow of Love within Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are included in their Life. 

This Divine Dance, this union in God, then forms into community : The HEARTS coming out of the DIVINE Life. 

We are more than a ministry we are many voices, family joined, KAINOS people walking together in the bliss. 

The circle around the edge is another old Celtic Saints idea, they called it being encircled by Love, encircled by Life. They did circular prayers around villages and buildings, even people. Praying, all that is good is within all that is evil without! Light in darkness out! The circle is about Completeness. We are hidden in Him. 

There ya have it! Hope you like it. You’re see it on our flyers and Facebook etc before long, in fire, black or white. 

More NEWS coming soon. Stay tuned. 

Love JPA 

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