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Mysterion Event and Next Live Zoom

Hello hello hello dear friends! Hope you're all doing well!

The beautiful autumn is here in the UK! Don't you just love creation. Amazing!

Just dropping you guys a quick email with some event news. This weekend we have our LIVE Patreon Zoom. We're talking about the COSMOS with myself and Mike Parsons.

It's a BIG topic! Space is massive haha!!

Nobody talked about space when I was kid in church. Yet the Gospel says all creation is groaning, and set your mind on things 'above', heavenly places. We are part of a much bigger story. A Cosmic story throughout space and time!

I think this will be an interesting session! Come join us on Patreon/ Zoom. It's only $1 or more a month to sign up and be a part of this community. You can cancel anytime too! Here's the link.

Another exciting event coming up is called MYSTERION. This is my first time working with Fiorella Giordano, an emerging futurist and next age mystic. She's very unique. She is working on an AI for dream interpretation, she is an AI artist, engaging quantum physics, time, life expansion, all kinds of KAINOS ideas. We have only just met briefly on zoom, but I'm looking forward to hearing her talk. This event is hosted by my dear friend Rebekah Milne, Hub Without Borders, from Australia. It's open to everyone all around the world. Click on the image below to register.

So many things are changing friends. Change is accelerating. This is both the most exciting opportunity and the most challenge transition in our world's history. I'm excited to see the Age of Wonder. It's here and coming. We will see again "He saved the best wine until last!".

Speak soon. Cheers JPA

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