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Joy-Fest now you can watch on Live Stream!

Hey friends!

Hope you're all well, enjoying the beauty of now, sensing the Great Dance!

As you know, Joy-Fest sold out within three weeks. We were amazed! This is our first event in over two years and we didn't know if people would come! Party time!! Haha! We had an extra 160 people waiting on the list to join us. You guys are mad for it! Next time we'll get a bigger venue!

Anyway, the room can't take any additional people, but we've come up with a solution. We've hired a team to do the Live Stream filming, sound and broadcast. So you can now register and join us online!! Whoop whoop!

Each session will be recorded and available to view after the event. So even if you can't be online for each session, you can still watch it later! It's £45 to register to help us cover the costs of hiring the cameras, team, and dedicated internet feed. The registration also helps sow into COBH, the speakers, the band, and all we are doing around the world, our joy projects and local community. Amazing! However, if you can't afford the registration cost, it's okay, you can email is and we will register you for free - get in touch with Rachel on

Liz Wright is a Holy Spirit lush. Godfrey B is the Happy Gospel minstrel! We will also be ascending and engaging Heaven. With lots of our friends from around the world, we are ready to have some fun! It's only two weeks away! Here we go! Speak soon. Cheers COBH

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