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JOY-FEST LIVESTREAM registration now open!!

Hello everyone!

We hope you're well and enjoying the beautiful now! We are ALIVE!! Life is amazing!! Yeah Papa!

Amazingly we sold out Joy-Fest in-person tickets in just over a day! Our minds are officially blown. Isn't that amazing?! The conference is full. I think we'll have to get a bigger place next year for sure. People are awake!! Something is happening!!

The GOOD NEWS is you can still arc and spark, and synergise with us ONLINE for three days of bliss. You can vibe with us from your living room!! Everyone is included in the Bliss! This is Planet Joy! Party hardy friends!

This year we have the AMAZING mama Nancy Coen with us! A one of a kind mystic, missionary, ecstatic and pioneer. Truly honoured she is coming. Also the beautiful pure and shiny LIZ WRIGHT. One of our bliss-buddies!! | Jacking up the Happy Gospel love vibes is GODFREY BIRTILL another one of a kind minstrel of joy! With Janine John riding the ascension waves and JUSTIN PAUL releasing the mystical it's going to be fun fun fun!!


Any questions, or to request a discounted registration, drop us an email -

Also if you still want to come in person, send us an email. We are putting together a waiting list if more spaces become available.

Thanks again everyone for your beautiful kindness, friendship and care. We feel the LOVE! Something massive is happening. It's a LOVE REVOLUTION!!

Blessings, COBH team.

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