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Double bliss pie! New Video and New Podcast

Hey guys! After time out over Christmas we're back and awake and ready to go!

We have a NEW VIDEO for you guys to enjoy - MIRACULOUS TRANSPORTS from our Beyond Human series. It's a fun topic and has a massive implication for our species. Teleportation (or moving through dimensions in space and time) is the future!

Hope you enjoy it. It's not polished but it has heart. It could actually be a series as we hardly touched the surface of this. The KAINOS Gospel in Christ is AMAZING!!

We also posted a NEW PODCAST today. You may have seen it on Youtube already? It's the latest talk with LIZ WRIGHT and myself on the IMC (International Mentoring Community). This is part of an ongoing series exploring mystic prayer, union, ecstasy and now supernatural physical phenomena - heat and light! Here's the Podomatic link -

You can also find it on APPLE Podcasts, Google, Spotify and most main platforms. Chose the one you want to use. I like using Apple. You can download it and keep it.

There you go guys, a double portion of bliss pie today!

Thanks for supporting us. Cheers Justin Paul Abraham

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