*Amazing new Project

Hey guys, you know we love to help MAKE DREAMS happen… it’s a kingdom principle as we sow into others, things then open up for everyone. We’re really buzzing to support this new project called DREAM COLLECTIVE with our great friends Vinny and Anja Francis. We’ve put together this short film to show you guys what this is all about.

We really believe in these guys and it’s been amazing seeing the RAW FAITH they carry in the goodness of Papa. They want to make this building a place for family, hope, community, life and love. I know they can do it! They are amazing with people and so creative!  They are real deal Jesus freaks! 

Vinny and Anja can’t do it without more help. They’ve already raised £200k themselves, but need to get the last £25k to make this bliss-project happen.

We’re calling on all our friends and Tribe to jump in with this. I know you guys have massive hearts and vision, many of you have supported us many times, and for some of you this is on your destiny scroll to partner, invest or simply give into this wild Jesus’ loving family.

Let’s do this together! 

Click here for more info

Much bliss & appreciation,

Justin Paul Abraham

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